Samuela Ricci


Born in Italy by Lake Maggiore, I have been living in Geneva since 2002.

Nature, travels, human relations, ecology, empathy, sharing are all values I truly care for. It was during my travels that I came in contact with Thai massage techniques and Thai medicine.

The “alternative therapies” as we call them in the western world are in fact millenary traditions and fundamental parts of the eastern culture.

Looking at illness as an opportunity of change, having an holistic vision of the patient, considering the person as a whole, taking into consideration his/her environment, diet, life style etc. : all these aspects have become an obvious conclusion to me and I have therefore decided to deep dive into the universe of treatments.

I learned the traditional Thai massage, the Thai reflexology (or Thai foot massage), the Ingham reflexology method, the Chinese and Indo-Tibetan method, reiki, seated massage, and other complementary techniques. Also, I keep growing my competencies through continuous education and training.

All these methods allow me to treat different physical and emotional imbalances in a personalized manner and through a process dedicated to guiding the patient along his/her healing path and personal evolution.

I speak French, Italian and English.

Certified therapist ASCA

My training and courses
  • 2022 – 2023 · Metamorphic technique
  • École de Metamorphose, Méthode Violette Prod’hom
  • 2021 · Reiki Consciousness®
  • Huerta Guadalupe, Rue des Pitons 15, Geneva
  • 2021 · Dorn Massage, 16h
  • Equilibre Formation Confignon
  • 2020 · Hakim Massage, 16h
  • Equilibre Formation Confignon
  • 2019 – 2020 · Cranio sacral therapy, 202h
  • Onex
  • 2019 · Lymphatic drainage for facial and foot reflexology, 21h
  • Ecole Gedane, Lausanne
  • 2019 · Reflexology applied to oncology, 8h
  • Escale Santé Formation, Geneva
  • 2019 · Polarised Reflexology, 16h
  • Equilibre Formation, Confignon, Geneva
  • 2017- 2018 · Therapeutic reflexology, 120h et 60h certified practices
  • Equilibre Formation, Confignon, Geneva
  • 2017 · Certificate Reiki III , 16h
  • L’Atelier de Reiki Francis Schumacher, Collonge Bellerive
  • 2016 · Certificate SEA Fundation Course, 50h
  • Therapeutic Bodywork, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 2015 · Certificate 1 & 2 Seated Massage, 12h
  • AMAT, Lausanne
  • 2015 · Advanced Course Certification Thai Massage, 16h
  • Matteo Lucchini, teacher CONI, Arona, Italy
  • 2014 ·  Certification  Traditional Chinese massage, 16h
  • Tui Na pour le dos, Ayün Formation, CHI River, Geneva
  • 2014 · Certificate Traditional Medicine  1st cycle  Anatomy Physiology – Pathology, 150h
  • Ecole ESSR , Geneva
  • 2013 · Certificate Professional Thai Massage for Health, 165h
  • Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage School, Salaya Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2013 · Certificate Ascetic Self-Stretching for Exercise, 5h
  • Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage School, Salaya Bankgkok, Thailand
  • 2009 · Certificate Reiki I, 16h and Reiki II, 16h
  • L’Atelier de Reiki Francis Schumacher, Collonge Bellerive
  • 2008 · Certificate Traditional Thai Reflexology, 30h
  • Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2004 · Certificate Energy reflexology, 24h
  • Atelier Reflexotherapy Monica Huber Fontaine, Geneva