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Traditional Thai massage, Foot reflexology, Craniosacral therapy
Hakim and Dorn massage, Reiki and Metamorphic technique


Rediscover the harmony between body and soul


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Thai traditional medicine follows the Buddhist teaching based on the five aggregates the human being is made of. These are: body, perception, recognition, thought and conscience. All together, they are also called PANCHA KHANDA.

  • RUPA: (the body), the actual strength, the matter, the manifestation of the 4 elements (earth, air, fire and water)
  • VEDANA: the sensations, the perception, the emotions. It does not have a shape and emerges from the 5 senses and mind
  • SANYA: it describes the recognition and the conscience of the action and the objects
    SANKHARA: it is the main process of action, the mind
  • VINYANA: it is the conscience of senses and emotions

As described above, RUPA is the physical body. It is the manifestation of the 4 elements (earth, air, fire and water) which are strictly linked to one another and constantly try to keep themselves in balance. The key to stay in good health is the balanced combination of these elements. The lack of balance of these elements translates into blockages throughout the body. They especially affect organs, tendons, muscles and may eventually affect the spirit. I am a therapist with a holistic vision of the person, of his/her body and soul. With a profound respect and empathy, I guide the patient to discover or rediscover his/her own resources until a full emotional and physical recovery. I give a lot of importance to listening to the patient`s story and to the dialogue with him/her. Ideally, my private practice will be a place of rejuvenation in kindness and confidentiality.

Pancha Khanda Philosophy


Samuela welcomes you with her professionalism and kindness.
You can choose among different types of traditional and energetic therapies to regain your physical and emotional wellness. These techniques benefit body and soul in many ways!
Thai Massage
A relaxing journey towards the interior of the self
Thai Seated Massage
To restore the energy, to free the body from blockages
Thai Foot Massage
Strengthens metabolism and revives weakened organs
Foot reflexology
It is helpful for relaxation and improves energy flow
Hakim & Dorn Massage
Soft and powerful, really effective to relieve back pain
Stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing
Craniosacral Therapy
It improves the physical well-being and relaxation
Metamorphic massage
A gentle technique of liberation from physical and emotional blockages



Samuela Ricci – ASCA Certified

Traditional Thai massage, Foot reflexology, Craniosacral therapy, Hakim and Dorn massage, Reiki, Metamorphic technique in Geneva.


C/o Centre de Thérapies Naturelles
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